3 Simple Ways Document Scanning Saves You Money

document scanning company californiaThe bane of every white collar employee’s life is paperwork. The bane of almost every blue collar employee’s life is paperwork, too. And if we’re being honest, we’ll acknowledge that you can extend that to management, too. The bane of every manager’s life is – you guessed it – paperwork.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

While the completely paperless office is beyond the grasp of many businesses, medical offices, and government agencies, it’s possible to get closer to that dream than ever before.

There is good reason to, too. Even if you don’t convert to a paperless office, you can save your business or agency a lot of money with even just a limited amount of digital document scanning. Here’s how:

3) Staff Can Be Reduced or Reassigned

For mid-sized to larger companies, having staff on hand to manage the data coming in and out of your organization is an expense that cannot be avoided. From data entry to data processing to data storage and more, there is a bottom line attached to every piece of information that comes in and out of your office.

With document imaging, you can reduce those costs by streamlining the process. Less staff is required for document archiving and/or retrieval, for example, because it’s no longer necessary to separately enter each piece of data into your system. Scan invoices instead of punching them into your database, scan contracts instead of filing them away in a cumbersome paper filing systems, and so on. Your staff can then be used to benefit your business in other ways.

2) Office Space Can Be Given More Productive Uses

Paperwork does not end up in a void. It has to go somewhere, and that “somewhere” is usually a filing cabinet. Depending on your business, it could be many, many filing cabinets. Those filing cabinets take up space, space you could be using for other purposes. Look at any medical office, for example. Older offices that still rely solely on paper have to devote a huge amount of space to cabinets filled with reams and reams of medical records.

Offices that have devoted some time to medical records scanning, on the other hand, often require nothing more than a workstation or two from which records can be pulled up, and perhaps a printer from which hard copies can be made. The original copies can then be stored offsite in a cheap storage facility – if they’re even needed at all.

1) Your Employees Will Be More Efficient

There isn’t a business owner in the world who does not realize that one of the most important money-saving office tips for any business is for your employees to work more efficiently. That, of course, is easier said than done. It’s not enough to demand more efficiency. You have to give your staff the tools to reach that goal.

That is where document imaging comes into play. By providing your staff with the means to retrieve essential data quickly and with minimal effort, you allow them to perform tasks in less time and with less effort. No more flipping through papers to pull up that document or contract. A few keystrokes right from their desk and it will be in front of them. More efficient employees means it costs you less money to do business.

And isn’t that what doing business is all about?