4 Ways Going “Green” Can Save Your Business Money

At one time, the idea of “going green” seemed like an expensive luxury that only the truly dedicated could afford to do. That is no longer the case.

There are a host of simple, easy “green” options that can not only make you feel good about your impact on the environment, but that can also save your business a lot of money.

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Here are four of them:

1) Give Your Printer The “Green” Treatment

Your office printer probably sucks up more resources and money than you’d like. Toner is expensive – some joke that it’s one of the most expensive substances on the planet by weight, and they’re right! – and it also eats up a portion of your energy bill. To counter this, do the following:

Choose printers and copiers with an “auto off’ function that will turn the unit off after a period of inactivity.

Be sure to recycle your toner and ink cartridges (you’ll get money back when you do), and buy cartridges that have been recycled.

Finally, ensure your staff uses good printer habits, such as printing on both sides of the page, printing in smaller fonts to get more on the page, and consider scanning digitally rather than copying. 

2) Do A “Smart Settings” Audit Of Your Office Gizmos

One of the easiest money saving office tips that will help you both go greener and save money is to ensure your technology is along for the ride with you. What we mean by that is this:

Ensure computers and monitors are set to go into energy-saving sleep mode when not in use

Use timers to be sure lights are off when rooms are not in use

Don’t keep areas of the building brightly lit if they don’t need to be

Unplug devices that are not in constant use; even when turned off, some devices draw energy

3) Go Paperless

The paperless office is not a pipe dream, it’s reality. These days, affordable tablets and computers, document scanning services, virtual phone services (so you no longer need to take written messages), faxing by email, and much more allow you to cut your paper consumption by up to 95%.

That’s not just friendly to the environment, it’s friendly to your bottom line! Here’s how:

Work with digital documents as much as possible

Scan your documents and place the hard copies in storage

Offer to email receipts, reports and other documents rather than to make copies

Pay your bills online

Fill out important documents online rather than with printed copies

4) Make Your Break Room A Little Greener

When businesses are looking for ways to save money, one of the first things they do is to cut back on supply purchases. We’d argue that instead, they should look towards “greening” their supply purchases, especially in the break room. How do we mean?

Purchase in bulk rather than in small quantities; this saves money and turns multiple shipments into just one, saving gas, too

Aim for energy-efficient coffee makers, vending machines and other items

Ditch the paper cups. Instead, provide a rack so people can bring in their own mugs

Whether you are in a financial office, a medical records scanning facility, or at the local mechanic’s, we guarantee these tips can save you money!