4 Ways To Better Manage Your Business Documents

If you are a business owner, chances are you deal with documents and paperwork all day long. Lots and lots of documents, and lots and lots of paperwork. 

Sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming.

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There are ways you can better handle all that paperwork, however, to not only lift some of the burden off your shoulders, but to also streamline the way you do business. Here are four of them:

1) Document Scanning 

Moving into the 21st Century can be difficult when you have filing cabinets filled with old folders, each stuffed with paperwork. In most cases, that paperwork can sit there for years without anyone even glancing twice at it, yet you can’t get rid of it on the off chance that you will need it at some point.

That’s where document scanning comes into play. Get all those documents scanned (either by doing it yourself or hiring a third party service to do it) and not only do you no longer need to have rusty filing cabinets cluttering up your office, the documents you need will be far easier to find once they’re digitized. Instead of spending 20 or 30 minutes looking for that old contract, you can find it in 20 or 30 seconds.

2) Cloud Storage

Whether you’re talking about existing documents you’ve had scanned or current documents you work with in a digital environment, relying on cloud storage can make your life easier in a number of ways. First there is the clutter factor, i.e. there is none.

Second is accessibility. When stored in the cloud, you can retrieve your business documents from anywhere in the world. 

Imagine your sales people being able to check contracts from their mobile device, or being able to refer to old price lists at a moment’s notice. Very helpful to have that at your disposal!

3) Document Shredding

All those reams of documents you’ve been sitting on? The fact of the matter is, many of them are just taking up space. You’ll never need to refer to them ever again.

However, it’s not safe to just throw them away (and in the case of some types of records, it may not even be legal). Doing so exposes you, your employees, and your customers/clients to identify thieves and/or corporate espionage.

That’s where document shredding comes into play. Just get RID of all those documents you no longer need, do so in bulk, and do so in a safe, secure manner. This will not only give you peace of mind, it will clear a lot of business clutter.

4) Paperless Office

The ultimate goal for a modern business is to go paperless. In addition to all the benefits outlined above, going paperless makes you more streamlined and efficient, and can save you a lot of money in paper costs, storage, and more.

So many businesses strive to get as close to paperless as possible because it’s just plain easier to run your business in a digital environment.

And even better, when your business is mostly digital, you can (and should) have systems in place to back up all your data in the case of a disaster. With a paper-focused business, one fire or flood can sink you. But not if you’re paperless. 

Are you ready to make the transition?