7 Simple Ways For Your Business to Go Green

These days, everyone talks about “going green.” It might sound like a lot of expensive mumbo jumbo, but the truth is that it’s never been easier or cheaper do it.

And yes, it’s a good idea for any business. Even if you’re not inclined to go out and hug a tree, you’ll find that going green will save you money in the long term. And in business, the bottom line is everything.

Here are 7 reasons why going green is way easier than you thought:

green business

green business

1. You Can Pay Your Bills Online

Why are you still getting invoices in the mail? Why are you still writing checks? It’s 2015. You can do 90% of your banking and bill paying online.

2. Fax Machines Don’t Need Paper Anymore

The days of your fax machine spitting out reams of paper are long over. These days, you can have faxes sent straight to a digital document, no printing or scanning necessary.

3. Your Devices Come With Energy Saving Settings

You don’t need to have a great memory or bend over backwards to remember to power down your devices when not in use. Most will now have energy saving sleep settings that do it for you. Remember to configure things on your computer, laptop, tablet, and so on, and you’ll never need to remember again.

4. And If They Don’t, Affordable Surge Protectors Can Help

For devices that don’t have energy saving sleep settings, it’s easy to accomplish the same thing with today’s better power strips and surge protectors. Look for models that automatically power off when device are not in use, cutting back on so-called “phantom power usage.”

5. Scanning Services Do The Work For You

There is no need to burden yourself with scanning all your important documents in order to create digital archives and go paperless. There are third party services (such as ScanDoc) that can handle the workload for you. Once everything is in your system, keeping up with it in the future so you stay paperless will be a breeze.

6. Letting Employees Telecommute Is Painless

There is nothing to fear from letting certain employees telecommute. The technology that will let them work from home and for you to remain in close contact with them is well-established.

7. Rearranging Your Office Layout Is Free

Getting workstations near windows means you can utilize sunlight instead of lamps and indoor lighting, and depending on the weather, it means you can nix the heat or A/C. This means less reliance on using energy, and that’s the very definition of “green.” Plus it saves you money.

Didn’t realize some of this was so easy, did you? No more excuses. Even small business owners can bring their operations into the 21st Century – and the time to start is now.