7 Simple Ways Your Business Can Be Charitable During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time for giving, and business are no exception. Here are 5 simple ways you can use your business as a force for good in the world:

1) Food Drives – Serving as a drop-off point for donations to the local food bank is easy and encourages people in your community to visit your place of business – all for as good cause.

2) Offer Your Products or Services – The most important thing you can give to a charitable organization is often not money, it’s your expertise. If you are a contractor, install a new handicap accessible ramp at your favorite charity.

If you are an attorney, give them a free seminar on key legal issues. An auto dealer, offer to donate $20 for every person that test drives a car on a certain day. And so on. 

3) Get Your Employees Involved – Turn a team-building exercise into something that helps out the community by volunteering as a team.

Cooking meals at the local shelter, keeping residents company at the local nursing home, walking in a charitable fundraiser together, and other efforts are a priceless gift that are also fun for your staff. 

4) Wear Their Shirts/Hats/Etc. – Many charitable groups will have shirts or hats with their logo on them. For a week during the holidays, switch your staff’s usual work uniform with these. It’s effortless yet invaluable.

5) Donate A Portion of your Proceeds – This common approach allows you to conduct business as usual while still doing something good for a local organization.

Keep a running tally on your website and Facebook page, and be sure to let the charity of your choice know what you’re doing. Then, when the time comes, GIVE.

6) Help Spread the Word – Offer to circulate informational cards or fliers; invite them to speak at a meeting of your local Chamber of Commerce or other business organization; include a link to their website or a flier promoting their efforts in your emails and business mailings. Every little bit helps.

7) Take Out An Ad On Their Behalf – Take out a full-page ad in your local newspaper promoting the charity of your choice. They’ll be thrilled at the promotion – just be sure to ask for their okay first!

Final Word - Writing a check is easy. Anyone can do it. But actually getting INVOLVED packs a much bigger punch and is a contribution that will never be forgotten. It’s a gift they’ll be thankful for forever.