7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Home Office

money saving office tipsHaving a home office is not nearly as uncommon as it used to be. Thanks to a changing professional world and evolving technology, more and more Americans are working from home.

Working from home, of course, often means having a dedicated work space. For reasons of both productivity and taxes, it’s a good idea to carve out a distinct work area of your home. When setting up that home office, however, you’ll want to make the most of it. Here are seven ways to do exactly that:

1) Choose The Right Location – We don’t mean “in your house.” When setting up a home office, you’ll have several things to think about. Will there be a lot of foot traffic and/or distractions? How close is the nearest bathroom? If you are going to have business-related visitors, what portions of your house will they have to go through to get to your office? Consider these things when choosing where in your home your workspace will be.

2) Digital Technology – Even if you plan on being frugal and having only what you need to have to do your work, consider investing in the digital technology you’ll need to operate a true paperless office, or at least as close as you can manage. Going paperless is not only green, it’s one of the best money-saving office tips you’ll ever hear. 

3) Keep Your Personal Life Out Of It – Mixing your personal life with your business life is a bad idea, even in your home office. Those distractions are not good for productivity. Once you begin to allow the line between the two to blur, it becomes harder and harder to keep them separate. Not only that, but for tax reasons it’s vital to ensure your work space is ONLY used for work!

4) Invest In A Great Chair – We can’t stress it enough: having the best chair possible is a big deal! Being comfortable and having good support is vital to your healthy and happiness. This is one thing you can (and should) splurge on.

5) Consider Third Party Services When Needed – Don’t be shy about outsourcing tasks that take you away from your primary work. If you need a document scanning company to help you manage all that paperwork, for instance, go ahead and bite the bullet. Better for them to take on the burden than you. You have your own work to do, after all.

6) Don’t Forget The Lighting – At home, many of us prefer soft, cozy lighting as opposed to the harsh, bright lights of an office. However, your home office IS an office, so you should treat it that way. Bright lights help keep you alert and focused, while also adding an air or professionalism to your workspace.

7) Simplify – In all things, consider stripping down rather than building up. Go for a more streamlined desk. Get rid of as much clutter as possible. Choose storage solutions that are simple and keep things out of the way. When it comes to working from home, less is more.

Whether you are a freelance writer, a graphic designer or you run an independent medical records scanning business, these simple tips can help you make the most of your home work space.