8 Tricks to Organizing Your Desk

office efficiency tipsWhether you want to be more productive or just want to trick your boss into thinking you have things well in hand, if you’re anything like us you sometimes struggle to maintain an organized desk.

Have no fear, we’re here to help. With a few easy tips, you can be well on your way to impressing the boss and making your colleagues think you know what you’re doing.

Here’s how to get it done:

1) Clear The Whole Thing Off!

You can’t get organized if you just rearrange an existing mess. Grab a few boxes or milk crates and clear off your entire desk! Just go ahead and put everything in those containers. We’re going to rebuild this thing from the ground up!

2) Grab Your Garbage Can

You’re going to need it later.

3) Envision The Way Your Work Flows

Look at your empty desk. Now imagine yourself sitting there doing whatever it is you do. If you work in medical records scanning, for example, what kind of space do you need? How many inboxes? How does paperwork flow across your desk (assuming you don’t work in a paperless office)? With your desk cleared off, it’s easier to envision the best way to organize your work flow. Just think of it like setting up a room layout or situating the cashier line at your local coffee shop.

4) Prioritize Your Hardware

Your computer. Your scanner. Organizers. Office supplies. Think of the big “landmarks” of your desk, the stuff you’re going to set down someplace and that will stay in that spot. Now lay them all out in a way that makes sense for what you do. If you do a lot of document scanning, for instance, you’ll want to have your scanner situated in a spot that is easy to access. If your computer is mostly for dashing out a quick email, make sure it’s out of the way. If your phone is important, keep it front and center. If not, tuck it away. Do all this based on the work flow you envisioned in step #3. You get the picture!

5) Start Going Through Those Boxes

Item by item, folder by folder, trinket by trinket, go through the stuff you put in those boxes. Put items where they need to be based on priority. If you don’t have an IMMEDIATE need for something, but know for sure it’s something you use now and then, set it aside for now.

6) Throw Stuff Away!

Anything that doesn’t make the cut in step #5, i.e. items you have an immediate need for or that you know you use now and then, should go right in the trash! If you don’t like throwing things away, put a “take what you want” box out for your co-workers. Let THEM have the messy desk!

7) Store Away Whatever Is Left

Once you’ve thrown out the items from step #6, return to the remaining items. Open your desk drawers. Start storing those items in your desk, in reverse priority order.

8) Get Back To Work!

That’s it. You’re done. From here on in, your working life is going to go much smoother. Being organized, after all, is one of the best money saving office tips you’ll ever hear!

So to all of you who are like us and need to get your office life more organized, good luck!