9 Easy Ways To Save & Conserve Paper

document scanning companyWhere there is an office, there is paper, and where there is paper there is bound to be waste. Lots and lots of waste. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Follow these 9 easy tips and you’ll save a lot of paper and money in your office: 

1) Get More Onto a Page

This may not always be possible for formal documents being sent outside your office, but in many cases with internal documents you can conserve paper by squeezing more onto each page. For example, instead of sending out a three page memo, play with the margins and font and get it onto one page. Over the course of a year, that’s a lot of paper (and money) being saved! 

2) Use Both Sides at the Copier

When it comes to making photocopies, most people use one side of the page and that’s it. What a waste! Instead, use both sides of the page whenever you can. 

3) Feed Your Copier With Used Paper

All those routine office documents you plan to throw away? Instead, use them in your copier for routine copying work. By using the blank sides, you can use them for basic copying and save yourself a ton of paper in the process.

4) Transition to a Paperless Office

The idea of having a paperless office is no longer a pipe dream, it’s a reality. Most places can’t go 100% paperless, but you can come remarkably close thanks to cloud technology, document scanning services, tablets, and more. And in this case the savings are not just in paper. Your staff will be more efficient, too, while also providing better customer service and faster results. That pays off! 

5) Use Recycled Paper 

To be part of the larger world of saving and conserving paper, always buy paper made from recycled materials.

6) Send Email Memos Instead of Paper Memos

We understand that some people like paper memos. It makes managers feel important to pass something out or tack it up where everyone can see. But you know what? It’s really not necessary for every memo to be printed. Use email instead. 

7) Stop Your Office Junk Mail 

Avoid getting your company on mailing lists, and if you’re getting a lot of junk mail look for online services that allow you to opt out of some mailings. You could cut down your junk mail by as much as 50 percent – which can be a LOT of paper!

8) Use Personal Magazines in the Waiting Room

Many offices have magazines in the waiting room. Instead of spending money on subscriptions, encourage your employees to get more use out of their personal magazines by leaving them in the waiting room rather than throwing them away. It’s an easy matter to remove the address. This is also a great money-saving office tip!

9) Save Documents, Don’t Print Them

Despite advances in technology, a lot of people still insist on printing digital documents they receive (such as PDFs) rather than keeping them digital. Don’t do that! Instead, keep them well-organized in a digital filing system, and back them up once in a while. This has been a great approach for the medical records scanning industry and could work for you, too!