9 Ways To Streamline Your Business (And Save Money In The Process)

document scanning law firmRunning a business in 2015 means facing new challenges business owners of yesteryear did not have to face. Go into these challenges with an old school mindset and your bottom line is sure to take a beating. Approach them with an eye towards tomorrow, however, and you’ll find yourself operating more efficiently than your competitors. That means better results for your clients and customers, happier employees, and a growing bottom line.

Don’t believe us? Incorporate the following ideas into how you do business for six months and get back to us. We promise not to say we told you so.

  • Use The Cloud – “The Cloud” isn’t magic. It’s nothing more than a fancy term for remote computing. By using cloud storage, online apps, virtual file sharing and more, you can streamline your reliance on in-office technology, allowing folks like Google to handle your data backup and security for you.
  • When You Can, Barter – Why pay out of pocket for goods and services when you can trade on what you do best instead? A contractor does home repairs for his mechanic in exchange for auto repairs. A marketing firm handles the marketing for a document scanning company in exchange for scanning services. And so on.
  • Let Employees Work Remotely – You may have employees who don’t need to be in the office 40 hours a week. Save work space by allowing two such employees to share the same desk, with each doing 20 hours in the office and 20 hours at home.
  • Don’t Be Afraid Of Craigslist – Sell off unneeded supplies in bulk. Buy office furniture on the cheap. Save money on help wanted ads. These things add up!
  • Go Paperless! – Even if you can’t convert to a 100% paperless office, any move in that direction will save you money in storage and payroll costs. If you’re not equipped to make the conversion, hire a third-party document scanning service to help.
  • Try Non-Traditional Advertising – Old media is not only, well, old, it’s also expensive. Look past legacy media for your marketing and go modern and non-traditional instead. Social media marketing, SEO, YouTube videos and more are better for your bottom line and can often be just as effective as traditional advertising.
  • Don’t Fear The Intern – In today’s competitive job market, eager young people are often happy to take temporary positions in order to get the experience they need in the working world. Offer them opportunities to do exactly that by utilizing interns for short-term projects you aren’t otherwise staffed to handle.
  • Go Green! – There was once a time when going green cost time and money. Those days are over. Now, the basics of going green include some of the most common money-saving office tips. Follow good “green” practices and your bottom line will grow.
  • Cut Expenses, Not Employees – Resist the temptation to cut the bottom line by cutting employees. Your employees help you to serve your clients better, which keeps your business healthy. Instead, cut expenses related to those employees – office supplies, business lunches, anything you can eliminate with a paperless office, etc. This keeps everyone happy.

The common thread tying all these ideas together is that not only will they save you money, they won’t cost you a dime to implement. It’s the 21st Century. Isn’t it time you start running your business like it?