10 Easy Ways to Streamline Your Operations and Save Your Business Money

Running a business in 2017 isn’t like it used to be. The days when you could run a business with a Rolodex and some index cards are long over.

That’s not a bad thing, though. Embracing a modern approach can actually save you money and make your business more efficient.

It all starts with your employees. Here are 5 ways a modern approach to managing your staff can save you money and improve your efficiency:

1. Allow Employees To Work Remotely

Not everyone needs to be in the office 40 hours a week. Save energy, fuel, and other resources by allowing some employees to work from home a few days a week.

2. Encourage Carpooling

Helping your staff save money on gas, tolls, and wear and tear on their cars is key; boosting staff loyalty to one another will be a nice side effect.

3. Share Work Space

When coupled with employees working remotely, save work space by allowing two staff members to share the same desk. Each works 20 hours in the office and 20 at home, sharing the same workspace.

4. Cut Expenses Instead of Staff

Laying off staff is the easy way to cut expenses, but it’s short-sighted. Your employees help you better serve your clients. Instead, cut expenses first and operate more efficiently.

5. Consolidate Business Trips and Deliveries

Don’t make separate trips to drop off this product and have that meeting and so on. Work out your scheduling so trips are consolidated as much as possible.

This saves you fuel, energy, time, and money.

Once you’ve embraced a more digital, 21st Century way of doing business, you’ll want to pursue some “green” initiatives to cut costs and streamline your operations.

Don’t be fooled: “green” doesn’t mean you’re an environmental activist, it just means that you’re cognizant of the resources you’re using – and resources cost money!

Here are 5 “green” ways you can become a more efficient business:

1. Utilize The Cloud

“The Cloud” is just a fancy term for remote computing. Use cloud storage, online apps, virtual file sharing and other features to streamline your reliance on in-office technology.

2. Go Paperless

Use document scanning, digital, archives, the cloud and more to your advantage. Even if you can’t convert to a 100% paperless office, any move in that direction will save you money in storage and payroll costs.

3. Cancel Your Print Subscriptions

Newsletters, business magazines, membership publications. This stuff is a relic and a waste of resources. Cancel those subscriptions and get them digitally instead. Almost any modern company will offer a digital alternative – and if they don’t, send them a message by saying no to print.

4. Try To Barter

Trading your expertise for other goods or services can be a big savings for you. What you do have value to other businesses, and vice versa. Find ways to make bartering work for you.

5. Use Non-Traditional Marketing

Legacy media is expensive. Instead, look towards social media, SEO, YouTube videos and more. These modern methods are better for your bottom line.

The way ahead may not mirror the way businesses have traditionally operated, but those who are ready to succeed are also ready to embrace those changes. Are you one of them?