Getting More Organized At Home Is Easy

scanning company los angeles californiaWhoever said the modern world was going to make life less cluttered and more efficient hasn’t spent a lot of time searching for misplaced smart phones, combing through mounds of Blu-Rays, and trying to figure out which wire is the HDMI cable. It seems that life is crazier than it’s ever been! Thankfully, getting your modern mess sorted out is easier than you realize. Try these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way:

Ditch The DVDs! – You don’t need a wall full of DVDs and Blu-Rays anymore. Ditch the old school media and go digital. If services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu don’t have what you want to watch, it’s easy enough to convert those DVDs to digital files you can access from anywhere, allowing you to put all those discs in storage.

Create A Task List (And Use It) – When it comes to remembering upcoming events and errands to run, nothing replaces a good old-fashioned “to do” list stuck to the fridge.

Charity Clothing Box – Make one! Any time you come across a piece of clothing that is ripped, doesn’t fit anymore, or that you otherwise know you won’t wear again, into the box it goes! Every few months, donate it.

Use That Scanner! – Businesses have long benefited from document scanning. So can you. Back up your vital documents by scanning them to searchable PDFs, then store them in the cloud (after they’ve been encrypted and password protected, of course). You’ll be thankful for easy access to your insurance documents, mortgage paperwork, and whatever else you have stuffed away in a box somewhere.

Use A Plastic Cleaning Caddy – Keep all your cleaning supplies in one place to cut back on clutter. Bonus: it’s portable, so you can take it anywhere in the house as needed.

Get A Charging Station – Store and charge all your gadgets in one place. Never worry about misplacing your phone again because it will always be in the same spot!

Use Hangers – It might be easier to stuff your clothes into a drawer, but a well-organized closet will get you off to a focused start each day.

Ditch Those CDs, Too! – If you’re one of the few people left in the world with a CD collection, it’s time to move on. Rip those discs to your digital library and store them away. You’ll be glad to be rid of the clutter.

Use That Scanner Redux! – Finding that old prescription paperwork from nine years ago or the medical report from your surgery 15 years back is a pain. Spend an afternoon doing some medical record scanning and you’ll never worry about finding that stuff again. Just be sure to scan new documents as you get them, too!

Consolidate Your Office Supplies – It’s not just one of the common money-saving office tips, it’s good for home life, too. Consolidate your office supplies in one place. Make it easy to access, and don’t make it a kitchen junk drawer!

Tag All Those Wires – If your living room is like ours, the space behind your TV is a mess of wires. Tag them with marked masking tape, color-coded tape, or tags designed for wiring in order to organize the mess and make rearranging far easier.

Have any more home organizing tips? Feel free to send them to us!