10 Environmentally Sound Ways Businesses Can Save Money

The bottom line of any business is the bottom line, but that doesn’t mean you can’t manage your dollars and cents while also working to go a little greener.

green office money saving

Here are 10 easy ways any modern business can do it.

1. Pay Your Bills Online – There are so many options for securely paying your bills online these days, there is practically no excuse for doing it the old way.

2. Use “Smart” Power Strips – Instead of using standard power strips / surge protectors, seek out models designed to automatically power off when devices are not in use. This will stop so-called “phantom power usage,” which adds more to your electric bill than you realize.

3. Web-Based Faxing – There is rarely any need to send paper faxes anymore. Save some paper, toner, and power by sending and receiving your faxes via a web-based fax service. You’ll receive PDF scans instead of paper. So will the people you’re faxing.

4. Secure Document Sharing Services – For sharing documents, use a secure online service like Highshare rather than making photocopies, sending them by mail, using storage space, and so on.

5. Generate E-Invoices – Most credit card companies and utilities offer options to be billed online instead of on paper, so why can’t you do the same thing for your customers? Start invoicing your clients electronically. It will not only save you money, it will make you a little greener, too.

6. Use Digital Calendars – The days of wasting money on desk calendars should go by the wayside. Digital calendars are flexible, shareable, and completely free. Make the switch and save yourself money while doing something good for the environment.

7. Allow Employees To Telecommute – If you have employees who don’t necessarily need to be in the office to get their job done, allow them to telecommute a few days a week. It will not only help minimize the impact that commuting has on the environment, it will probably increase morale, too.

8. Take Advantage of Mobile Devices – From smart phones to tablets, the mobile devices used by you and your team can not only help make you more productive, they can do so while allowing you to inch closer to total freedom from paper.

9. Utilize A Document Scanning Service – Document scanning services are not hard to find, and they can go a long way towards moving you closer to a paperless office. With their help, digitize your records. This will streamline data retrieval and cut you off the paper leash businesses have long been attached to.

10. Seek Out Online Storage Services – You don’t necessarily need to keep filing cabinets stuffed with papers on hand. Save yourself the expense of storing all that material and instead store scans on an online storage service. They are secure, routinely backed up, and will allow you to retrieve your documents from anywhere.