Document Scanning for Dentists

Scandoc Imaging has provided dental record scanning in Southern California for almost 20 years, working with everyone from single doctor practices to larger clinics. 

We always scan a sample run for free - just fill in the short form at the bottom of this page to get started.


Why Scan Your Patient Records?

1) Saves physical space in your office.

2) Creates a more efficient workflow for your team.

3) Cheaper and more secure than storing paper records.

4) Complies with California EHR regulations.


Why Choose Scandoc Imaging?

1) Extensive experience with dental records and X-rays, including Panoramic, Bitewing, Full-Mouth, and Periapical.

2) Highest quality FDA approved scanning equipment.

3) Fast, secure, affordable, and easy to work with. (See our reviews on Google.)

We always scan a free sample run for our prospective dental clients.
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