Document Management for Law Offices

We provide a variety of services to help law firms manage their case files and other documents. Read more below or get in touch with our Sales Manager for consultation on your needs:

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Document Scanning

Scanning your documents allows you instant access to any one of thousands or even millions of pages.

Our sophisticated scanning services utilize a combination of interactive and automated scanning procedures, supported by leading edge hardware and software technologies.

Scanned documents are simply digital pictures of paper documents. When we convert your documents, we store them on both CD-ROMs and in the cloud.

Imaging improves your document control during indexing, case preparation, witness depositions, settlement talks, and trial.

Imaging technology also saves expensive office space required to store paper documents.

This technology produces significant savings throughout the trial preparation process. 

Once scanned, the images are burned to CDs and retrieval indices are prepared either to your specifications or for use with one of the retrieval software systems that we recommend.

If you've also chosen to have us index your documents in the cloud or on a local server, you may use a linked system to pull up images as you search for particular documents using your database; e.g. Concordance or Summation. 

Database Design & Interfacing

Scandoc Imaging exports coded databases using a variety of excellent litigation support software packages and other database management systems. They include Concordance, Summation, TrialPro, and others. 

The integration of the coded database with the actual images requires the proper matching of document identifiers in the coded database with the images.

By generating document boundaries for the imaging project from the coded database, we can ensure perfect matching of both coded and imaged document boundaries. 

To meet the various software and system platform needs in multi-party litigation, we can output multiple versions of a database. No matter what software is being utilized, we provide output that flawlessly integrates with the client system. 


Scandoc Imaging provides project design and consultation services to customers, particularly in the area of records management systems for law offices.

With over twenty years of honed skills and experience, we can assist you with your document management and information system processes to improve efficiency and help reduce costs.