Document Shredding

We've been customizing document shredding solutions for a variety of industries for almost 20 years. Whether you need a single shredding job or need an ongoing relationship with us, we can provide a superior, professional experience that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. 

  • Safely Get Rid of Unwanted Paperwork

  • Protect Personal Information

  • Secure, On-Site Shredding at Our Facility

  • Verified Certificate of Destruction

Whatever your industry, security and confidentiality needs are of the utmost importance and all regulations are strictly adhered to. Read more about our shredding options below, or click the button to get started. 


Document destruction with Scandoc Imaging is both convenient and secure. With our offsite document shredding program, we will pick up your documents and destroy them at our state of the art facility. Once destroyed, the shredded paper is then sent to a secure paper mill for recycling.


If necessary or desired, we can also destroy your documents at your facility or office. The job will be scheduled at a convenient time and under your watch, if requested. Once destroyed, the shredded paper is taken by us and sent to a secure paper mill for recycling.


Scandoc Imaging can also properly destroy electronic media for your company. This can be done on or off-site.

  • CDs, CD-ROMS, & DVDs

  • Flash Drives

  • Hard Drives

  • Backup Tapes

  • R&D Designs

  • Computer Tape Reels

  • Labels & Molds

Contact us for pricing and other considerations.