Release of Information (ROI) Services

Do you need to free up your staff's valuable time for your day-to-day office and administrative duties, ie taking care of the patients in your actual office on any given day? 

Take advantage of our Custodian of Records service for your practice in order to allow your staff to concentrate on the work in front of them, as opposed to wading through one of the more complex and tedious duties they'll encounter. 

At Scandoc Imaging, we help your office maintain HIPAA compliance and assure all patient protected health information is released to the correct parties, and only the correct parties, after necessary documentation is obtained. 

All requests for medical records are checked for State Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, legality, authenticity and validity. 

Our release of information team will develop a rapport and system with your office so that your medical record requests are processed without disrupting your normal workflow or asking you to change your current procedures for same. 

Scandoc Imaging can:

  • Handle high-volume subpoena requests from patients, physicians, other copy services, attorneys, insurance companies, DES, and more.
  • Convert requested documents or charts to digital format for easy transfer to your existing system.
  • Schedule daily or weekly scanning at your office or our facility to ensure access to your most current records.

Our goal is to make medical records requests simple and unobtrusive for your office. We work with medical practices and offices from all corners of the industry, and of all sizes. 

See below to get started or contact us for more information on working with us.

Forms and Authorizations


The following forms are in a fillable PDF form format. Hit the link for the form you need, download it to your computer, and then email the completed form to OR fax it to 949-650-9594.

You will receive a notification that your order has been received via email or by phone.


You can print directly onto the patient information form by clicking the button below.

Be aware that you'll need to print it and get the necessary signature prior to emailing (, mailing, or faxing (949-650-9594) it to our office. 

You will receive a notification that your order has been received via email or by phone.