How Much is Using Paper Costing You?

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5 Critical Reasons You Need to Ditch Paper

It’s the project you keep putting off: scanning in all those contracts, records, and documents. Here’s why you need to get moving.
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PaperLessPaper by Scandoc Imaging

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Document Scanning

Scanning your documents with Scandoc couldn't be simpler:

1. Box up your documents
2. We pick them up
3. Our team cleans, preps, and scans all docs into PDFs
4. Digital documents are stored to DVD and the cloud
5. Your originals are shredded or returned to you
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Cloud Storage for Documents

Storing your documents in the cloud is the most cost effective and efficient method for modern businesses, large and small.

With our secure cloud storage systems, you'll be able to search, retrieve, and share your scanned documents from anywhere, at any time, and using any device.
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Document Destruction

We work with companies in all industries to securely, efficiently, and cost effectively destroy documents and files of all types.

Whether you have a high volume job or simply want to make sure your documents are shredded completely and correctly, we can satisfy your requirements.
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Paperless Office

A paperless office saves physical space in your business and allows for faster retrieval of important files, saving your staff time and hassle.

Not only that, but a cleaner, less cluttered office has been proven to make employees happier and more efficient, which is a definite benefit to your bottom line.
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We work with companies and organizations of all sizes in the fields of medical, legal, real estate, engineering, government, and more.
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